Main Characteristics of PVC Labels

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PVC Labelshave certain toughness, strong corrosion resistancem slow aging. In the use of the process as the aging process of materials,printing surface size slowly increase slightly. But increase to be a certain extent is stable, different time stamp the seal size did not change significanty, the general is not easy to cause the attention of related person. Under the same condition of stamp pression and stamp-pad ink, the main characteristics of rubber labels and plastic labels diachronic change is caused local aging, namely the impression Daoke traces revealed or bridge and sculpture formed ‘flap’ turn off.

The inner structure of PVC Labels is equality without water absorption. The aging extent between atomic seal with plastic seals, change and relative plastic, ox horn seals is easy to aging and its size.At the same time as the rubber is soft, elastic, sealed pressure and backing on their morphology, soft and hard seal diameter influence is bigger, so we should pay attention to reversible changes to distinguish the material aging seals size irreversible change and pressure size, pad of soft and hard to distinguish, seal form outer diameter.

Disadvantages of PVC labels:

Between the PVC labels elasticity and hardness between rubber, atomic seal and horn, glass seal, soft texture, also has certain elasticity.It is easy to wear, also easy to knock off, i.e. it cover diachronic seals, wear and damage characteristics are reflected more fully, not only can see the text lines becomes thick, edge is blunt, can also see the text line sag, defect that knocking phenomenon.Because the material has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of the error and is easy to produce, not suitable for bank seal seal.

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