Garment accessories: woven labels process classification

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Weave labels, also known as the trademark,woven labels, we usually divided them into woven edge and trimming edge.

Woven edge: when the trademark case need according to the width of the need to point out, called the selvage mark.This process to avoid the cutting edge of many shortcomings, but low yield. The same plane / satin, is characterized by soft, pretty. More suitable for use in higher clothing supplies, such as fashion, suits, is the most exquisite quality Japanese manufacturers use, machine in Japan do pay attention to.Selvage mark do satin, but it is difficult to express the satin, solve this problem commonly used hot color / dyeing process.

Woven machine generally are wooden spindle machines and bearded needle machine.

Wood spindle machines (including Taiwan wood spindle machine, Japanese wooden spindle machine branch), features: trademark woven from the machine is a complete one. So its edge to edge, weft yarn from a to Z if the same color, is together, soft to the touch. Disadvantages: low production efficiency, the color can only below five.

Bearded needle machine, the same can weave a variety of process quality, and even can be added in a transparent polyester warp yarn, called the fish wire hook needle machine.Characteristics of similar trademark wooden spindle machine, but the spindle machines, but knitting, so the weft tight, strong.More used as a hot color, making use of the characteristics of different, weft make floor through high heat transfer and color.The high cost of varieties of trademark.Cloth standard costs in addition to width, length colors, process, and the yarn varieties.JB series for the international common yarn.

The woven labels of trimming edge which has the standard cloth woven mark: use the machine for West Germany machine. As the name implies, a dedicated high-speed machines, like a horse as a woven out, again according to the standard width of cut into strips. Because of the heat melting characteristics of polyester yarn, cut each other stick together when, not loose edge. Also because of this reason, look and feel will be certain effect, good machine would be better, with ultrasound than ordinary electric knife Rinpoche would be better. Cartridge cloth standard, can be directly arranged to send garment factory processing; if the requirement is strict, still need to fold in the processing. Because of this machine maximum width is 20.8cm, that is to say can weave the width of the standard, also can produce various shapes.

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