The Most Advantage of Chooseing PVC Labels

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PVC labelsproducts are gifts a kind of environmental protection, his development for gift again many a choice makes people.And a lot of rubber products gradually replaced by silica gel products.Why this happens, mainly because the silicone material has the characteristics of other materials do not have, to have a look the following characteristics of the silica gel material which has a lot of hell.

Rain, snow, wet, ozone, solar ultraviolet radiation in a very long time is almost not affected by climate (UV) wide application temperature range -- to 100 to 316oC from room temperature (-148 to 600oF) in a harsh environment has a service life of organic elastomer long time longer exposure to the environment may crisp organic elastomer beyond 100oC in temperature (212oF) deformation will be softened and irreversible, at temperatures below 25oC (-13oF) will become brittle when exposed to adverse environmental stresses (heat, cold, moisture, oil, ozone, ultraviolet), quality does not change the inherent good electrical seizure insulation, in a wide range of temperature can keep its natural flexibility and elasticity (anti - austerity deformation) progress the cancellation fee products quiet and feel good sealing performance of inert (tasteless, odorless).

More choice -- hardness range wide (from the shore A 10 to 80).

A wide range of color choices (from transparent to bright colors).

Better activity -- easy to manufacture, improve productivity

More choice, high yield

The excellent characteristics of pvc labels chapter has been widely applied in all walks of life.Household products, medical products, machinery accessories and so on have seen silica gel to bring them the benefits of universal application.

Special characteristics of pvc labels which gradually make them become an irreplaceable material of environmental protection.

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