Fan Bingbing: “fall in love with the bag, fall into the brand ambassador”

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Integrated fashion: in December 1, 2012, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was awarded the Louis Weedon Alma brand handbags series of Chinese District image ambassador, therefore, China star endorsement of international brand Legion add another member, Chinese local artists and international brand endorsement to cooperate more closely. Fan Bingbing, Xun Zhou, Li Bingbing, Hsu Chi, Gao Yuanyuan.All these battles in the entertainment and fashion circles more habitat actress, they have a kind of personal influence and star effect?What attracts brand out of the precious olive branch to them? The fashion industry magazine, you count those Chinese actress who worked for the international major suit endorsement. Fan Bingbing. Louis Vuitton Alma handbags China ambassador "Because of love this handbag, including various metal labels on the standard pendant, and become the brand ambassador". Love a bag including the metal labels and become this package ambassador, Fan Ye also really is the first Chinese actress, yesterday she flight arrived in Nanjing of course and carrying a Alma bag, Yan purple coat with purple Alma and orange Eskimo fur hat eye-catching of 100%. Called "Fan Ye" Chinese actress Fan Bingbing recently clothes not startle, when to appear in public with impressive style, she hooked on French boutique Louis Weedon from this year (LV) of the Alma package, different clothes of different colors, even in handbags surface metal standard models, at least show out of 5 different color, she also therefore become China's "Alma handbags series brand ambassador".

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