Fashion Tips for Belt

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Although many loops on jeans and pants go belt-less these days, a belt can still add the final touch to any outfit. Belts which attached on belt hanger come in all shapes and sizes and the right belt can flatter almost any figure. Understanding how to coordinate your belt with your outfit as well as what belt to wear for your shape are two tips in learning how to accessorize with belts.

Wear a belt from belt hanger that fits your waist so as not to emphasize any imperfections. If you are a woman who would like to show off your curves, try a low-slung belt that fits around your hips. Slim women with slim waists are better off with skinny belts, which flatter slim figures. Those with thick waists or full torsos should try dark, solid-color belts worn around the thinnest part of the torso. If you have this type of figure but love skinny belts, opt for the thickest skinny belt available. Pear-shaped bodies (narrow upper body with wider hips and thighs) can wear wide belts to bring attention to the bust and waist. Short-waisted women can wear thinner belts that "match the top and contrast the bottom".

Coordinating your belt with your clothes is essential for a well-put together ensemble. Although there are exceptions, matching your belt with your shoes is something of a fashion standard for belts.. When you choose it from belt hanger for formal events should be a solid color without any special designs or braiding. Belts that are more intricate work better with a more casual look. Canvas, suede and studded belts also work with informal outfits. If you are going to buy only one belt, choose black leather with a simple buckle. Silver buckles work with silver jewelry; however wearing gold jewelry requires a belt with a gold buckle. Wearing suspenders with a belt is generally considered a fashion faux pas.

Dress up a plain belt for an event or just for the fun of it. Craft stores are ideal for picking up embellishments that can easily be hot-glued on either a fabric or leather belt. Rhinestones, small shells, ceramic arrowheads, small stones, wooden shapes and small rubber shapes are all possibilities. Use fabric paint to paint your belt a new color or create a color combination or design.

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