Jewelries are more and more popular

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With the development of society, many people pay much more attention about fashion decoration such as jewelries, gold chains and so on. With the rise of jewelry, customers not only pay attention to jewelry itself, but also the outer packaging like pattern and design. Then jewelry cards come into being in the market, which are considered to be the most potential product in garment accessory industry. Don’t look down upon such a tiny card, however, it can bring unexpected result for jewelry. As the saying goes, “good horse out of the saddle”, remarkably attractive jewelry must be of high quality material and unique packaging card.

In Italy, most local importers and wholesalers have more than twenty years experience working with Italian chain manufacturers. The highest turnover in volume is gold chains which are well received in the market with a good quality standard and reasonable pricing. Silver and platinum follow suit. Market trend shows that white metal’s popularity is increasing among consumers in Hong Kong and Asia. Thus, even if silver and platinum are not as perfect as gold, propped by novelty design and intricate jewelry cards, they are unmatched as well and neck and neck with gold.

While as for the apparel and footwear industry is truly global in scope, in that manufacturers can now sell different products that are produced in different countries and spanning many different continents. A multinational strategy is necessary to implement because it allows manufacturers to increase their revenues by focusing on selling their products in countries with rapidly growing economies. And jewelry is also no exception. If distributors don’t excessively emphasize jewelry’s marketing value, maybe jewelry will not be as luxurious as it should be. What’s more, today packaging costs further high than the product itself, so does the jewelry. Adorned with delicate and novel designed jewelry cards, some lower class jewelry, once ignored ever, will emerge from the gem with lower quality and deceptive price. Inevitably, this phenomenon has a negative effect on marketing economy and results in unfair competition.

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