Plastic Seals Deeply Valued by Overseas

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According to the analysis, more and more attention has been paid in plastic seals at abroad, in Europe , plastic seals especially liked by many of the senior young people, they are very happy to place small home with simple arrogance, colors, mining colorful plastic transparent furniture indoor to light and spacious. Well designed home will penetrate into their avant-garde design concept in the design of the plastic seal, furniture combined efficacy and aesthetic efficacy perfect linkage, flashed to us, it is not a necessity for subsistence, but also the appreciation of the value art.

The plastic seals is a new performance furniture. Many different types of plastic, but on the bedrock can be divided into two types: thermosetting plastics and thermo plastics. The first one is our common radioses, car dashboard; Later one is applicated in all kinds of plastic parts, hoses, films or cabernet compiled. In ancient times the furniture of this kind of new material after process mould pressure into a chair to sit, or pressed into various types of film, As a leisurely furniture fabrics, there will be all kinds of color plastic hose entangled into a steel pipe around ottoman 's.

In late 2011, our plastic seals making property enterprises reached 70, the sector's total assets amounted to 3,039,790 thousand yuan, a year-on-year growth of 8.59%. The Business reported data: 2011, China's above-scale plastic seals making property enterprises realized main business income amounted to 7,595,877 thousand, an increase of 28.99%; total profit up to 302,622 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 1.67%.

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