Classifications of Printed Labels and Main Functions

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What are the classifications of printed labels and its main functions? Many customers call query. What is woven labels and printed labels? Now these informations are for your reference and understand the function and use classification of woven labels and printed labels.

Tape printed labels, ribbon printed labels, non-woven fabric printed labels, polyester printed labels, bilateral woven sideband, cotton based screen printing labels, plain cotton cloth, printed labels of garment wash labels often use print labels (printing belting trademark) including ribbon, synthetic belt product, its content can often includes: brand logo, product composition, washing mark, the enterprise contact way, etc.

Woven label is divided into: black and white woven label, black and white damask woven label, black satin woven label, crochet machine black and white statin woven from raw materials,using advanced computer technology weaving, it’s colourful, design line fine, luxury and elegant, durability good characteristics, cheap and fine, application is very wide, widely applied to all kinds of clothing, bags, shoes and hats on the main labels, washing size scale, decorative scale, etc.

Above are the classification and functions of printed labels and woven labels.

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