Brief introduction of printed label

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Printed labels are named which comparing to woven labels. From its name, we know that those are made by printing technical. They are including washing labels, brand labels, size labels, material composition labels, main labels and so on... The printed labels material could be silk, cotton, woven webbing, satin, cotton tape and so on. They are very common in our daily life. We can see this kind of labels easily here and there, for example, on any of the garments, towels, handbags, beddings, etc. There are always composition and care instructions of the products on these labels, telling people what the item is made of and how to take care of it.

Brand is brought to the owners of premium value-added intangible assets, his carrier is used to distinguish and the products or services of other competitors name, term, symbol, branded printed labels, mark or design, and combinations thereof, value-addedfountainhead from the impression formed in the minds of consumers about their carrier.

Printed labelsusual made by two materials, one is ribbon and the other is coating material. The ribbon is more expensive than cheaper.

Care label often made by ribbon and non-woven, ribbon is best to center fold, otherwise it will be have some burrs on the label after cutting. The Non-woven care label could not fold, and more looks more natural after cutting.

Because these labels product by print, so the color of labels is rich and full, also brighter, with high-definition, looks more fashion than woven label. It has high production efficiency.

Many labels are pre-printed by the manufacture. Ink and base color choices commonly to the Pantone matching system colors. The pantone system is very dominant in the label printing industry. Use pantone system, the printed labels can have richer colors than woven label, and you can use more thin and complex font. In the same size, a printed label can be printed more contents than woven label.

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