Garment woven labels

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Woven labelscan be divided into two categories. One is woven edge, and the other is cutting edge.When a label been required accordance with the needs of width by disposable woven work, it called woven edge label. Compared with cutting edge, this process avoids many of shortcomings, but the yield is lower. The cutting label is like weaving, weave our as a whole piece by dedicated high-speed machines and cut into strips with the width needed. Because the polyester’s characteristics that when it be heated, it will be molten, so when cut the label, the thread will be stick together.

Generally woven labels are made of different yarns together through weaving based on artworks. For material, there is satin, taffeta, cotton and damask and so on. There exists a kind of labels made of cloth, cotton, satin and taffeta for showing relevant information on garments, namely fabric labels. Usually brand’s name, logo and letters are often shown on fabric labels, which attach great importance to reinforcing brand image in garment industry. Fabric labels can be classified into three main types: woven labels, printed labels and imprinted labels. Each label has different effect for different use. Woven labels use micro-threads, which weave the design and white space together to create a fully formed label.

With the wide application of woven labels in garments and textile industry, woven labels have played such an essential role and attended a leading role in the market. The application not only helps in image enhancement of brand, making brand well known at home and abroad, but also boosts economic development like providing more jobs for the unemployed, stimulating domestic demand, etc. Moreover, some undeveloped countries are likely to shake off of poverty with the support of labeling industry and become richer and richer in partnership with developed nations.

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