Introduction of Seal tags

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A seal is a device for making an impression in wax, clay, paper, or some other medium, including an embossment on paper, and is also the impression thus made. The original purpose was to authenticate a document, a wrapper for one such as a modern envelope, or the cover of a container or package holding valuables or other objects. The sealing process is essentially that of a mould, with the final image represented on the device for making the impression by a mirror-image design, incised in sunken- (or counter-) relief or intaglio. Recently, a new kind of seal appeared: seal tags which normally come with hang tags. This kind of seals are loved by most of enterprises from garment or clothing industry, toys or accessories industry and some other relative industry.

The radical seal tags (in English Seal) is most of the modern businessman paste a the strip sticker (commensurate) purpose is to prevent the damage containers in transit Diaobao stolen holders identity card items in the container items shippers (shippers) shipping companies and customs three categories. But this is only to a certain thoughtfulness obey eventually motives as usual will manufacture the fake plastic seals cause a lot of trouble. The radical plastic seals in accordance with the different uses dividends container plastic seals, plastic seal, to the court security plastic seals; dividends paper plastic seals, plastic seal tags, metal plastic seals, electronic plastic seal according to the different materials.

Seal tagsearly made by the simple tied cotton rope, hemp rope, nylon rope or braided rope, etc. to form a ring to use, this can not highlights the brand and special edition effect. Later, often use aluminum and printed paper to make it, but looks very simple and the iron hook often hurt the clothing. Now most seal tags use the injection molding process, the material combo such as PS, ABS, with nylon rope, polyester rope or cotton rope.

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