Select Appropriate Belt Hangers

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Upscale belt buckle is selected, but where to start when picking the belt hangers is difficult to know, how to foil just good. In general, when you wear a single-breasted suit, should tie narrow belt; when you wear a double-breasted suit, tie wide belt; dark suit with dark belt, light-colored suit, there is no limit, but do not hippie style.

After the dress neatly, pay attention to tie and belt buckle on belt hangers. Tie arrow should be just in the belt head, in order to expose the high-grade belt buckle, not to tie arrow from suit following exposed.

The belt on the belt hangers is a consumables, will be bad after used a long time. Usually just wipe with professional leather care agent, can not use detergent containing alkali rub it, like shoes need to moisturize. In fact, the best way of maintenance of the belt and the belt buckle is more prepared several, such as a black belt, brown belt, beige belt, shifts in use, can be matched with different colors of pants. As long as the belt is changed frequently, generally do not need special care.

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