A Part of Train Ticket :Barcode Labels

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Train the security bar code labels
A small train triket carrying many important information, except the train number, time, seats positions, especially abarcode label, though it take little space on the ticket, from which we can get more information, such as ticketing station code, ticketing date, ticket serial number, mileage, etc, besides the ticket can be used for anti-counterfeiting at the same time, The barcode pattern is a square, chequered with black and white, looks like the shape of the previous three-dimensional painting. For this point, comments show that it is very hard for human eyes to recognize this two-dimensional barcode labels, now we take a look at how is a two-dimensional barcode labels used for anti-counterfeiting.

Barcode label is arranged by a set of rules, empty, and the corresponding character of the tag, "Article" refers to the lower part of the light reflectance, "empty" refers to a part of the high light reflectance, these bars and spaces composition data representation of certain information, and be able to use specific equipment, convert binary and decimal compatible with your computer.

How to take advantage of the train ticketbarcode labels to identify true or false.
In addition to the identification by train feel, color, paper, ticket barcode is the main means of security, the need to pay special attention to the train in front of two sections digital. Railway police said, In addition to these basic identification method, the passengers also can see the barcode labels to identify the train ticket. The bar code on the bottom of train ticket is divided into three sections, the front section of the last four digits means date of the tickets sold. The middle section of the comfigure, it should be same with the top comfigure . Generally, Fake tickets is very difficult to meet these two requirements.

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