An Inevitable Product of Modern Fashion Culture

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The design of and the printing of hangtags are often very beautiful, and the connotation is also very extensive. Despite the hangtags of each garment enterprises has its own features, but mostly hangtags are printed with the name, address, phones, zip code, logos, etc.. Some companies, but also printed the nature of the company (such as joint ventures, wholly-owned, etc.); Some clothing manufacturers simply use the tiny hangtags as a microfilm "advertising".

Sometimes, the photos of supermodel beauties dressed in their products is printed on the above, gives a more intuitive feeling to make a deeper impression of the consumers of their products, play a promotional role of good publicity; in order to thank the consumers to buy their products, some manufacturers often print acknowledgment and wish words, give people intimacy; some hangtags are more like a "product use instructions, since it not only printed with the product material and performance, even the water temperature of washing clothes, washing way, what type of cleaner and how maintenance should be, it’s clear that manufacturers are very responsible for consumers . In addition, with the growing prosperity of the clothing market, competition bound to become more intense, some brand-name manufacturers in order to protect their products against fake and shoddy products against, spared no expense to use a variety of holographic security tag and barcode. both to protect their own interests, and also maintains consumers interests.

Small as the hangtag is, but it is a link between the fashion and consumers. It is the inevitable product of modern fashion culture, play an active role to enhance and protect the reputation of garment enterprises to promote their products. Therefore, it is more than appropriate to compare hangtags as the fashion brand name, , but However, it is regrettable that there is a considerable portion of the garment enterprises, this point is still lack of knowledge, even some very well-known fashion brands in the domestic, from the creation to today has not yet been registered a trademark. . This give an opportunity to those who make fake products, if so, they will not receive the protection of the law.

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