Notes for Selecting Seal Tags

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Seal tagsare used with hangtags, on the one hand, they can promote the brand, on the other hand is to introduce clothing material to customers, as well as the washing notes and the size of the model. They can let the customers know clear at a glance, to facilitate the customer's choice. However, in order to ensure the integrity of the seal tags in procuring you should note the following aspects:

1. Function particles: seal tags, as a classification of garment accessories products, the main function is to hang hangtag, so they requested that the fork and the cord must be firmly, to deal with packaging and transportation extrusion, the cord at least need to be able to withstand the weight of 2kg.

2. Color fastness: seal tags are directly linked to the clothing, so color fastness are required stronger. The color fastness including the cord, plastic, hot color etc. In normal case, cord and plastic after strict control are not easily fade, a simple test method: soake it in boiling water 3-5 minutes. Some trade orders will require a professional inspection report. Hot color is difficult to control, even if imports the best color foil can not be guaranteed not fade, it is proposed to use the foil class anodized aluminum or black and white, as a higher requirement and need other colors it’s better to use transparent organic protection.

3. Price selection: according to the grade of the clothing and factory acceptance to choose a different price, general triple, quadruple, two-color and multi-color seal tags’ price are higher , combo, core pulling , r line deduction class are cheaper.

4. Style Selection: seal tags can be selected with reference to the style classification mentioned about, seal tags into should match with the hangtags, so consideration should be taken in when designing and selecting the seal tags wiht the style of the hangtags, it is better to be consistent with the main color of bags, brochures, tags and the whole design style . Do not look down upon this a little seal tags, the role it has played is quite large. Now most of the goods in stores can not be separated with the seal tags, such as brand name watches, bags, clothes and so on. Lacking of a seal tag, as if the lack of color in the rainbow, it is difficult compelling!

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