Metal labels are needed in coat design

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Today, coat design element is very rich, some loose, some fit; some neutral capable, and some gentle and charming; some lightweight vitality, some simple and elegant. In addition, various decorative elements also have different styles: fur decoration, all kinds of metal labels and Velvet inlaid decoration; these give each coat a distinctive personality.

The 1940s wind egg-shaped sports jacket, canine tartan, oval design, mandarin collars, the double-breasted, built-in zipper, golden color metal labels. Kimono-style sleeves, pockets located on both sides of the fabric cut. 1960s wind horn-type jacket, loose A-line style. Shoulder bag edge, tailored fit, highlighting women's lines, mandarin collars, leather edging, detachable hood can be fixed  by breast hook , patch pocket until the jacket hem, Hook eye buckle and hem are leather edging.
Systemic clipping such as oval design, V-type lapel, double-breasted design, kimono-style sleeves, snap-on cuffs are acceptable. Pocket with lid and metal labels, the back half belt fixed by buttons. Male coat on that era, then and now women can wear; show a natural and unrestrained and steady. A classic style coat is an integral part of the female wardrobe and a essential single product, has become a daily companion. The styles of different eras and remains to now is still popular, whether you are in the street or attend the gathering a classic coat can meet the needs of your dress. Good sewing and fine workmanship can reflect your stature and noble taste.

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