Do your products use sticker labels?

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Because most of the clothing are used for exports, so the stick labels should be able proper enough to bear the maritime environment of high temperature and humidity, of advance to do the test. The scope of application of the sticker labels is much more than the above mentioned aspects, in short, sticker labels has penetrated into various industries in various fields. In this rapid development of China, sticker labels with its unique advantages and innovative applications  will get great development in various fields,, but also believe that there will be more updated areas used it.

Sticker labels also called self-adhesive labels, stickers, time pressure sensitive paper, it is based on the paper, film or the special material for the back of the fabric, coated with adhesive, coated silicon base paper for a composite material protecting paper, and printing, die-cutting and other processing into finished label. Only need to detach from the backing sheet, just one click, you can stick to a variety of substrate surface and can also use the labeling machine automatic labeling on the production line when you used it.
Around the world, many brands of clothing are using sticker labels to code price, such as Levis jeans, G2000 dress. With the increase in the domestic apparel exports (especially Hong Kong), the application the stick labels in the garment industry has been slowly accepted by the public. Its main advantage is to give upscale neat feeling, formed with the high-end clothing integrally, not only embodies the high-end effect, but also to facilitate consumers to view, and so it is popular among many well-known brands of clothing.  

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