Movable-Type printing

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The continuous development of the wide application of the label as well as label varieties naturally promotes the development of the printed label technology. Label printing flat, convex, concave, net printing methods, the application is different. However, in recent years, the development of the global label trend can be seen, flexographic printing, narrow web printing, digital printing in the United States and Europe, to become a new bright spot in label printing, printed labels will gradually become more and more mature in the future

The birth of the movable type printing made great contributions to the printing area even the time changing. Take the printed labels for example; it is popular among the garment industry, since it is somewhat like a tiny advertisement. However, the current understanding of the label printing ink is far less than the understanding of the label material. Printing, label printing inks, such as waiting for us to cognitive and explore a mysterious realm.

Movable-Type printing is one of the four great inventions of ancient China.  It was invented after a long practice and research of Ancient Chinese working people. Movable-type printing is the first method that makes the word Emboss anti-text-mode come true. Nowadays many products we are using are related to printed labels, which is the merit of movable-type printing. The invention of movable type printing in the history is of a great technological revolution. The most wonderful man in this field is Bisheng, who was born in Northern Song period.daselry that rose gold and diamonds as the main material, but the most eye-catching is mini smaller version jewelry bags that are based on Hermes classic bag prototype models. Even the jewelry cards are of the bags above seems noble.

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