Feast of superfluity

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Platinum bag, Kelly bag and other Hermes classic bags have been made into gorgeous jewelry, with rose gold at the bottle, golden color jewelry cards for foil, high-quality diamond inlay, absolutely top luxury. The price of these "bags" is more than one million U.S. dollars, but you definitely do not have to worry about their sales, because Kelly jewelry bag and platinum bag has been booked up when they are putting on sale!

Yesterday Hermes open to public in Madison Sister's "Alice in Wonderland" festival theme showcase, in order to give this showcase to fantastic luster, Hermes launched a series of advanced Haute Joallerie. Hermes’ jewelry guru Pierre Hardy has designed a series of fine jewelry that rose gold and diamonds as the main material, but the most eye-catching is mini smaller version jewelry bags that are based on Hermes classic bag prototype models. Even the jewelry cards are of the bags above seems noble.

Hermes Platinum bag has become synonymous of luxury, what is more luxurious than the Platinum bag? Rose gold diamond such as the Birkin jewelry is the level of luxury beyond your imagination. Let us take a look first at the jewelry cards of them.

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