The climate and its influence on garment

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It’s hot summer for the Northern Hemisphere, many young man are wearing T-shirt on the street. Screen printing T-shirt was traditionally viewed as an essential garment for anyone doing housework. Cheaper clothes and washing machines made aprons less common beginning in the mid-1960s in some countries such as the United States. However, the practice of wearing aprons remains strong in many places. Today, the apron has enjoyed a minor renaissance in terms of both women and men now wearing them when performing household chores.
Aprons are nowadays considered equally appropriate for both women and men by most people. However, prevailing social norms ensure that women frequently wear more delicate clothing, and may therefore be more likely to want the protection an apron offers. When domestic workers are supplied a uniform by their employers, screen printing T-shirt is often included. The aprons are worn for hygienic as well as for identification purposes. The history behind the vesture is that it symbolically represents the mobility of bishops and archdeacons, who at one time would ride horses to visit various parts of a diocese or archdeaconry.
An Apron used in a Hair Salon is commonly known as a Salon Apron or a Stylist Apron. Salon Aprons are important to many Hair Stylists because of their usefulness in protecting clothing from hair color stains and debris such as hair clippings while serving as a place to keep tools quickly accessible. A Screen printing T-shirt differs from the household apron in that the salon apron must be made of a material that is water repellant. Another requirement for a salon apron is that it must be made of a material that repels debris such as hair clippings. The salon apron, as opposed to the household apron, must have one or more pockets to hold tools for the hairstylist.

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