Wiki Leaks and its founder

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Recently, the US whistleblower Edward Snowden brings about the sensation about the monitory of US government. There is another person who is very famous as well; Julian Paul Assange is an Australian editor, activist, publisher and journalist. He is known as the editor-in-chief and founder of Wiki Leaks, which publishes submissions of secret information, news leaks and classified media from barcode labels sources and whistleblowers. Assange was a hacker as a teenager, then a computer programmer before becoming known for his work with Wiki Leaks and making public appearances around the world speaking about freedom of the press, censorship, and investigative journalism.
WikiLeaks became internationally well known in 2010 when it began to publish U.S. military and diplomatic documents with assistance from its partners in the news media. Since November 2010, Assange has been subject to a European Arrest Warrant in response to a Swedish police request for questioning in relation to a sexual assault investigation. In June 2012, following barcode labels by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom of his appeal against enforcement of the European Arrest Warrant, Assange has failed to surrender to his bail, and has been treated by the UK authorities as having absconded.
The publication of Australian government briefings following a Senate request showed that the government had privately discussed charging him with treason, which it had never mentioned publicly. Julia Gillard claimed that his actions were illegal, which was later retracted when an Australian Federal Police commission determined he had not broken any Australian laws. It found no grounds to withdraw his Australian passport after an investigation. Since then, government representatives and the barcode labels, Minister for Trade Craig Emerson and former Minister for Communications Helen Coonan have made statements supportive of Wiki Leaks and deprecated some threats. We condemn absolutely the threats that have been made by some people in the United States against Julian Assange and he deserves all of the rights of being an Australian citizen.

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