The once again new leader of Australia

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Those who are very concerned about the Australian politics must be very familiar with Kevin Rudd, he became the Prime Minister as well as the leader of Labor Party again at the end of June. Despite a long period of popularity in opinion polls, a significant fall in Rudd's personal ratings was blamed on a proposed Resource Super Profits Tax and the deferral of the Senate-rejected Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. With the next election drawing near, there was growing dissatisfaction with Rudd's leadership within the Labor Party and printed flags.
Eventually, Rudd's deputy, Julia Gillard, announced on 23 June 2010 that she would challenge him for the leadership the following day. Knowing he would be defeated if he contested the leadership, on the morning of the ballot Rudd resigned as Prime Minister. After his resignation, he successfully re-contested his seat at the 2010 federal election, after which Labor formed a minority government.
He was subsequently promoted back to the printed flags by Julia Gillard as Minister for Foreign Affairs, a post he remained in until he resigned in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to challenge Gillard for the leadership. Afterwards, Gillard announced another caucus ballot on the leadership from which Rudd emerged victorious.
Rudd abruptly announced his resignation as Foreign Minister, citing Gillard's failure to counter character attacks launched by Simon Cream and "a number of other faceless men" as his reasons. Speaking to the press in an early morning news conference in Washington D.C., Rudd explained that he considered Gillard's printed flags as evidence that she no longer supported him, and therefore he could not continue in office. "I can only serve as Foreign Minister if I have the confidence of Prime Minister Gillard and her senior ministers," he said. The following day, Rudd was replaced as Minister for Foreign Affairs initially by Craig Emerson on a temporary basis, and then on 13 March by the newly-installed Senator Bob Carr, former NSW Premier.

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