Interaction of the branches in light industry

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The views of the majority of the merchants was trademark woven labels allow customers to see clear characteristics of bedding, no matter how long after the purchase of bedding, people will be able to see clear logo design and ingredients of the product, and other content. They said, they prefer to use the trademark woven labels bedding and less optimistic about the bedding wash labels.

Recently, some of the merchants reflect some bedding washed trademark in the market, making it difficult for them to buy at ease. Merchants said, bedding fabrics, accessories and packaging so good, but as the image of the company logo design is very easy to fade water mark, after the bedding washed several times, the trademark will be fuzzy, difficult to see. It is understood that woven labels usually present ingredients of the brand's logo as well as fabrics, washing instructions, washing temperature considerations in an embroidery forms, they will not fade. Wash labels printed out related content in a printed form, simple washing will be blur fade.

Some shops, as well as multiple home textiles sales point. Which called Found Kaisheng, Carolina, A Macro, Aisha brand bedding textile logo design moment are widely used in the trademark woven labels on clothing and footwear products, with the function never fade. Bedding and some small shops logo design also use water wash labels.

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