Pvc labels —— low-cost and good-quality

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Pvc labels matches the dress very appropriately, it will not steal the thunder of the clothes, and no matter what kind can be found in the same, and they looks very comfortable, and sometimes makes us feel shining at the first moment.  pvc labels are not only used in garment, but also in other fields. Such as the shoes, hates, package, bags and so on. Thus PVC developed rapidly. In China Variety of plastic have been products since the 1950s, industrial production of PVC resin in PVC processing.

However, in fact, though PVC soles having better abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and low price, a clear pattern of products, good color and many other advantages.  But it is rarely used alone in manufacturing soles, commonly used are migration resistance, cold resistance, flexibility, skid resistance and most of the rubber, elastomers, improve wearing comfort and compression permanent deformation performance, making it more suitable sole material in manufacturing, particularly in the manufacturing of high-end shoes.  Except the soles, you can also see other PVC products like pvc labels.

Pvc labels has been widely used in garment industry, just as the name implies,it is made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) , one of the top five generic plastic. With a wide raw materials sources, low-cost, production technology is mature, has been widely used for its features , different additives can be added depending on the purpose of different uses , PVC can present different physical properties and mechanical properties. For example, adding an appropriate amount of plasticizer in the PVC, they can be made into many kinds of hard, soft and transparent products.

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