It is not only an accessory, but a tool

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Now on the market there are different materials, different style plastic seals, they are often designed according to the needs and preferences of the customer. Some companies or manufacturers cut the cost of from the surface instead with LOGO seals, directly instead of sand with pieces of string, in fact, from the surface does save cost (with LOGO exquisite workmanship of hanging grain than a single sand belt, rope your pennies) In fact, it is a loss to the manufacturers or businesses. From a long and the advertising point of view, from the corporate brand image spend pennies but can get N times benefits earned return.
In the designer's creativity, plastic seals are a variety of forms and styles: large, small, square, rectangle, diamond, triangle, star, profiled, as well as many non-specification-shaped. The many shape based on two, three-in-one, overall, of plastic etc. seals is the designer's creative inspiration plus of professional and technical perfectly.
Plastic seal is one of the important members of garment accessories. It is a tool to hang beautiful and fashion tag on clothes and is an important link between the garment and tag. A well design, exquisite tag also needs a fashion and elegant plastic seal to serve as a foil, so the same piece of clothing looks very perfect when combine the tag and plastic seals together, it will give customers a more high-range and high  taste impression. At the same time, Clothing brand LOGO will be presented more intuitive in front of customers, then the brand of a enterprise will has a more profound impression on the customers. Also it is such a great advertising.

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