The different visual feelings of the colors

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Red color with vitality, full of vitality vigor, red visible spectrum light waves are the longest, so it’s the most eye-catching color, giving a looming sense of the visual sense of expansion, easy to cause excitement in the cold of winter, red dress with red barcode labels elements, gives the visual impact can warm the body temperature to help you resist the cold trouble. However, yellow can wake up your cells, let you feel like a spring-like sense of color, but it’s a picky color, it has high color demand of Asian people’s skin, but this season also appeared many yellow products, people are overwhelmed, light-colored fur, lighting up the black that immersed for a long time, break people's visual senses, designer’s warm expression are well known by the public.

Thought rough mad leather total dark lines to play the protagonist in this season blooming red leather to overturn, do not be blinded by the dull colors, this season the winter sure not to miss a soft red barcode label costume, it simply can not be compared to the red enthusiasm and warmth, not only can help you resist the cold, make you more colorful one winter.

Warm tone of yellow, endowed with the vigor and warm of the nature, the warmth of sunlight, and the meaning of spring, and is generally considered to be a happy and hopeful color, this warm colors easier to attract visual senses. brings a narrow warmth, visually bring people walk out of the cold winter, giving the mind with infinite hope and imagination, including clothing surrounding material such as barcode labels are yellow, this yellow season give you unlimited warm.

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