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There is the spinning substrate fabric is woven or knitted fabric, non-woven interlining base fabric from chemical fibers repression. The interlining quality is directly related to the quality of the pros and cons of apparel clothing. Therefore, when buying clothes, should check interlining, not only the appearance of the requirements, but also examine the interlining parameters performance is consistent with garment quality requirements. : Interlining heat shrinkage rate to try to be consistent with the fabric heat shrinkage rate; have a good seam and cutting; want at a lower temperature and fabric strong bond; can avoid the high temperature pressure hot fabric front seepage glue; firmly attached to lasting anti-aging anti-washing. Commonly, woven labels are used together with the woven material clothes.

Clothing material: lining material is used for clothing folder, mainly cotton fabric, recycled fiber fabrics, synthetic fabrics, polyester cotton blend fabric, polyester taffeta, silk fabrics and rayon fabrics. Lining material is the main test indicators for shrinkage and color fastness lining, the velvet padding material apparel products, fine or coating fabric should be used to prevent from cashmere. Currently, the more used in the lining is silk chemical fiber as the main material. In the choice of material should pay attention to the color of the lining should be coordinated with fabric, in normal circumstances, the color of the lining fabric should not be deeper than the surface material so that the woven labels can normal and good. And lining material should be smooth, durable, anti-pilling, good color fastness.
Garment accessories are an indispensable part in clothes design and production, in our daily life, garment accessories are applied to in many cases. Like buttons, zippers, trademark, metal labels, seal tags, hangtags, plastic labels, woven labels, barcode labels and ribbon, each of these items are familiar to us, but very few people know about these items. In our garment accessories, generally can be worked as the following roles: inner lining, intermass, packing, litter, trademark, belts, sewing thread class the fastening material class, packaging materials, and so on. in different applications, the role of garment accessories are also different. For these types of garment accessories decorative effect, we use more apparel linings and linings. Well, for two different uses of fabric, how to distinguish it?

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