Fabric labels’ determinant: the warp and the weft

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Satin fabric labels: cloth, are interwoven warp and yarn on the market, generally through doubling the weft and yarn to improve the quality of the products, this process are made into satin structure. By doubling the warp and yarn, the texture of the fabric labels will become soft and smooth. But it will increase the density, if the density is too high, the pattern effect is not good, the underside color can not be done very flexible. Only can through post processing to achieve the certain color requirements.
From the above, we know the price factors are: the width of the fabric labels, that the amount of the warp yarn; the length, the color warps wise length of fabric labels. This gave birth to more details and colors, doubling the weft, called double fabric labels, if a kind of color needs three-dimensional effect, coupled with a layer yarn, called repeated shuttle. In addition to washing and size labels, most are using double fabric labels. The fabric labels’ patterns are expressed by warp yarn, certainly there will difference with original plane; no sample can not make the goods.
The plain fabric labels like the cloth structure, the structure is relatively simple, usually is interwoven by a warp and a weft, referred to the simple fabric labels. Generally the warp is fixed, determined by the color of the warp yarns, cloth fabric labels are divided into black plain and white plain two kinds. The white belongs to a light color, so light-colored background marked with a white flat; on the contrary, the dark generally use black plain. The colors effect expressed by the fabric labels are different with warp yarn, so causing machine are restricted by types of warp yarn, so the expressed color will be limited, usually less than eight kinds. This is because the patterns and colors of fabric labels is mainly decided by warp and yarn.

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