Taylor’s eyes

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Tanzanite Blue can be called Tanzanite, originated in the unique worldwide - Tanzania, East Africa. Produced in northern Tanzania near Arish region, at the foot of world-famous tourist spots named Mount Kilimanjaro, we can call it the Marline Mountain mines. This rare gem was the blue color, some a bit more popular pleochroism, obviously observed from different directions color can be changed in purple, green, and blue, it’s extremely beautiful with an elegant jewelry card. This clear and deep color was very popular among people. Someone compare this light-colored tanzanite blue likened to the famous movie star Elizabeth Taylor's eyes.

Titanic Heart of Ocean Necklace witness "Ocean Star" interpretation to remain constant touching love! That it represents constancy, purity and eternity of love! Titanic Heart of Ocean Necklace - sinking flawless blue heart witness JACK and Rose’s great love, only the ocean can match her. She is the symbol of eternal earthly love. The Ocean star in Titanic also represents the noble, pure of love in human world! Maybe other jewelry that is not very familiar among public need jewelry cards, as for the ocean star, it doesn’t.

After an absence of 15 years, the movie "Titanic" struck again. In film, what impressed people most besides magnificent shipwreck, romantic and beautiful love story, as well as sinking both high society wealthy life portrayal and also Rose and Jack’s unforgettable love memories is that large heart-shaped Sapphire "ocean heart ",it is said to be mimic from the Blue Diamond in the history named the" Hope Diamond, at that time, the original Blue Diamond collection museum  reluctant to lend to this legendary piece of blue Diamond, and therefore got the British royal jewelry  As prey & Garrard brand made for  the Film, later it was sold out more than $ 2 million in the international auction. After that the Italian jewelry DAMIANI even use its concept, launched "Titanic necklace, asking price $ 68 million. In fact, "Heart of Ocean" starred in "Titanic” is a "Tanzanite Blue" and now it has become the new darling of the gem industry and with the prices rising meanwhile. There were no jewelry cards through the whole movie, but it is also deep impressed in everyone’s mind. 

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