The establishment of MOF

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Erika launched "My Own Fingerprint" in 2011, specializing in imprinting individuals’ fingerprints onto customized items. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Forensic Science, she began her career as a crime scene investigator and has since lifted hundreds of fingerprints from actual crime scenes. Her cutting-edge company continues to evolve, along with Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, signing on as a MOF partner. Cuban is the owner-operator of many established and burgeoning businesses, especially in the area of hang tags and will no doubt take “My Own Fingerprint” under his wing.

The ad showcases "My Own Fingerprint’s" standard T-shirt line, each of which comes with an ink strip collection kit as a hang tag. Customers receive a cool generic fingerprint shirt and can use the kit to place another personalized order via As a bonus for ordering online, MOF will expedite the shipping. All standard shirts for men, women and kids ship within 48 hours. Fingerprint watches are also available. You can also show that special someone you care by getting him/her a customized Fingerprint Love Block – merging you and your loved one’s fingerprints into the shape of a heart.

Los Angeles CSI-turned-CEO Erika Di Palma has announced that her custom fingerprint apparel/accessories company, "My Own Fingerprint," has officially - and quite literally - “taken off.” MOF is now appearing in our favorite airplane magazine through December 2013, as well as on Sky Mall’s website and in their mail-at-home catalog. He said the biggest shinnying point of his fingerprint apparel is the hang tag. Sky Mall is a prominent seat-pocket staple, reaching over 160 million passengers nationwide and distributed on all major airlines, including popular domestic front-runners like American Airlines, Delta, United, Continental, Southwest, US Airways and Air Tan.

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