Plastic seals are not that easy as you expected

Release time:2013-11-14      Source:admin      Reads:
Due to the plastic seals pseudo too much, often constitute lofty lost some lost even far higher than that did not stick plastic seals, a lot of trouble. Based on the people in order to seek better safety and quality, vertical hanging evolved into various security plastic seals, security plastic seal is followed by the rapid development of science and technology, evolved electronic plastic seals. Electronic plastic seals from radical containers plastic seals backwards from times if To Management radical plastic seals are inadequate security.
However, this container plastic seals needs to distinguish between the necessary visual, is inevitable due to the appreciation of intentionally large to be occasional negligence large to be fabricated, and even it can not play the desired effect, and even the ambitious lost, there are a lot of trouble, and in order to manage these radical plastic seals title, which led to the mass production of electronic plastic seal tags; according to different materials it can be divided: strip paper plastic seals, plastic seals, metal plastic seals, electronic plastic seal.
Plastic seal, a strip stickers affixed on the container items (like the identity card of the articles) used by modern businessman, the purpose is to prevent switching container and stolen damage in transit; holders are regarded as cargo owners (shippers), carriers and customs of three types. But this is only a certain considerate to obey; after all, the motives people will manufacture the fake plastic seals as usual, resulting in a lot of trouble. The plastic seals are divided in accordance with the different uses container plastic seals, court plastic seal and security plastic.

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