Development of two dimensional code technology

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The UNIS company developed the "Unisplendour excellent code", on the basis of the two-dimensional code technology, 30 several patents of independent research and development , let two-dimensional code technology more better to meet the needs of the Chinese market. Tunis AG president Lizhiqiang said the application area of two-dimensional barcode labels is broader. Compared with the one-dimensional barcode, it is larger information capacity, high reliability, stronger confidentiality and security, easy to fabricate, low-cost, super error correction, the products applicable market areas are broader. With the popularity of camera phoness, the rapid growth of the mobiles value-added services can be applied the two-dimensional bar code technology into the phones. This laid a good foundation for the application of new technologies to traditional industries.

After COFCO Group and Coca-Cola adopted the Unisplendour excellent barcode label technology, each device has an electronic identity card, only need to use the phones to shoot this code bar, and then spread to the appropriate management site, you can understand the latest application of the equipment information. This will not only facilitate the real-time management of the equipment, but also saves money.
Two-dimensional code technology is more and more widely used in our country, and also it has been widely used in many different industry, take the garment industry for example, such as barcode labels, it is derivation of the two-dimensional code. Some of the traditional enterprise took a fancy to the advantages of two-dimension code; it can be applied in equipment management and logistics monitoring, played a very good role.

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