Printing service on the surface of different materials

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There are many different jewelry cards that are made from PVC material, but how to print the logo on the surface, it is a technical work. In the early ages, other European presses using rubber printing plates and aniline oil-based ink were developed. This led to the process being called "aniline printing". During the early part of the 20th century, the technique was used extensively in food packaging in the United States. Printing sales plummeted. Gravure is a process in which small cells or holes are etched into a copper cylinder which is filled with ink. Flexography is a relief system in which a raised image is created on a typically polymer based plate.
Even after the Food and Drug Administration approved the aniline process in 1949 using new, safe inks, sales continued to decline as some food manufacturers still refused to consider aniline printing. Worried about the image of the industry, packaging representatives decided the process needed to be renamed. The second method used a computer-guided laser to etch the image onto the printing plate of jewelry cards. The third method is to go through a molding process. The first step is to create a metal plate out of the negative of our initial image through an exposition process. Once cooled, this master mold will press the rubber or plastic compound through a second molding process to create the printing plate.
Gutenberg greatly improved the process by treating typesetting and printing as two separate work steps. The mass production of metal letters was achieved by his key invention of a special hand mould, the matrix. The Latin alphabet proved to be an enormous advantage in the process because, in contrast to logographic writing systems, it allowed the type-setter to represent any text with a theoretical minimum of only around two dozen jewelry cards. Today, there are three main types of rotary presses; offset including web offset, rotogravure. While the three types use cylinders to print, they vary in their method.

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