Plaid Lace Printing T-shirt Is Trends of 2013

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Plaid Lace Printing T-shirt Is Trends of 2013

In 2013, as to clothing trends, is nothing more than printing, Plaid, lace, deep V, metal, bar code labels ... then as part of the clothes, T-shirt fashion trends naturally can not be separated from these categories, however, it has its own characteristics, in many categories, this year there are three types of popular T-shirt is the most prominent, that is plaid, printing and lace, different from the overall clothing, as long as you have in  these three kind of nice T-shirt, then T-shirt of the other styles, colors and patterns you can all be omitted, since it’s both economical and affordable.

Fashion Analysis: Speaking of plaid, I am sure you must know who starts the trends of the plaid! Along with Louis Vuitton swept checkerboard fashion circles, the brand immediately launched plaid T-shirt with its own characteristics, for a time, plaid accounted for half of the fashion circle, when you are collocating the plaid T-shirt, you can both choose a solid color clothing but also wearing the same clothing with a checkered pattern, the same does not seem too obtrusive.

Lace is definitely the most important trends of today! You just look at the stars, large and small street shooting is not difficult to see, in all likelihood wear lace dress, from lace skirt to lace pants, and then lace blouse, including bar code labels also choosing lace texture, each lace garments are delicate and lovable, if you do not have a lace T-shirt, then you may become obsolete.

Due to the printing is too garish, few people would choose the strong printing with a large area, then, a good-looking but also a textured printing T-shirt is very important! With the lower collocations, in accordance with your own preferences, but should try  to choose the same color or pattern printing, or simply choose a solid color clothing that are simple, easy and beautiful.

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