The Function of Metal Labels

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Metal labels has two functions:

First, metal labels can have a mark and warning role, metal labels mainly through visual performance to realize its role. For example: Text convey, mark has the role of symbolic, direction, suggesting. The text style can show personality, background, and meaning. Form and mark together perform the symbolic and tectonic significance. Second, the metal labels is a informaiton media, it has the functions of the advertising and warning.
Product Description: The photoluminescent material, with a light-absorbing, light-storing function, at light absorb sunlight, lamplight and more than 20 kinds of other visual lights. Sustainable shine over 12 hours. Absorption, emission process are unlimited continuous and can be repeated use. No power, maintenance-free, luminescent safety coefficient as high as 100%. Continuous service life up to 15 years. Wall-type are matte PVC and transparent PVC plus two kinds of silver frame, with stickers. Material: Adhesive Matte PVC. 

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