Environmental Friendly Pvc Labels Micro-Trace the Product Logo

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Material: PVC .
Specifications: customized
Shape: flat-screen 3D effects.
Printed LOGO: according to customer requirements or customer’s own LOGO design.
Pvc labels pattern: customized, or customer provide sample proofing.

The main products are: U disk shell, imprinted labels, soft trademark, single-sided, three-dimensional hangtag, luggage tag, puller, glue labels, zipper piece, micro injection signage, soft rubber labels, handbags plastic LOGO labels, garment plastic LOGO labels and so on. Widely used in grament products, luggage, footwear industry, toys, electronics and other industries.

Variety of gifts, the PVC business gifts such as plastic chapter pattern bottle opener, lighter sets, U disk outer, pen loops, PVC fridge magnet, PVC anti-slip mats, PVC shoe’s buckles, mobiles ropes, mobiles phones holder, key chain, chain, rope, wrist band, watch band, pen holder, jewelry, ornaments, buckles, decorations, phones pendant, PVC watches accessories, PVC soft hairpin, mugs, picture frames, coasters and fashion jewelry and so on.

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