What Are the Constraints That Influence the Development of Plastic Seals Industry in China

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Brand awareness restricted the development of the plastic seals industry in China. According to reports, most direct performance of the brand awareness is that enterprises’ insufficient investment in plastic seals design, development, advanced equipment and tooling and training professionals, as well as after-sales service inadequate investment. Plastic seals industry is traditional industry, is closely linked with the high-tech.

A lock may seem simple, but it has to go through more than 100 procedures to complete, only to have the state-of-the-art level of design and equipment and high-quality professionals can produce high value-added products. The same raw materials, using different equipment and mold, the quality of the processed products are completely different.

Brand awareness make enterprise’s development ideas become narrow. Many developed countries’ plastic seals manufacturers have embarked on a matching of products, series of road. While when Chinese enterprises mention of diversified development, always think of real estate, food and beverage industries, few will think of plastic seal products industry.

The most important quality indicators of plastic seals is mutual opening rate, that is, the same key is able to open a few locks, the same lock can be opened with a few keys probability. At present, the world-renowned brand locks mutual opening rate is only a few millionths, outstanding domestic brand locks mutual opening rate was about six thousandths, while some informal, low production levels locks mutual opening rate of thirtieth, such locks security are low.

Now, the most important task of plastic seals industry is to improve the quality of the plastic seals, increase brand propaganda of plastic seals, and take the road of brand development to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, this is a long-term solution for the development of plastic seals industry.

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