The Five Layer of Sticker Labels

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The sticker labels is currently the most widely used labels, but its structure is not simple. Typical sticker labels including five layers:
The first layer - the surface material or the raw materials used for recording or printing graphic information.
The second layer- primer or tackifying coating make the adhesive and the surface  material to be more closely integrated. Primer also prevent penetration of chemical reagents, otherwise chemical reagents may penetrate from the bottom three layers that will pollute label surface. Furthermore, color primer also can be used as the background of the transparent surface material.
The third layer - adhesive. Before tearing off the surface paper and paste to an object’s surface, adhesive let the surface material and uncoated silicone resin to seperate from each other. It is on the one hand to ensure bottle paper moderate adhesions, on the other hand guarantee the paste has a solid paste after peeling off the surface paper.
The fourth layer - silicon resin coating layer, used to ensure that the label and slip sheet can be easily separated.
The fifth layer - liner paper protect the labels been polluted, usually made of bleached or unbleached kraft paper, occasionally with a clean processed polyester material. The liner paper is also a support role, in the process of processing labels, ensure that the labels will not be bent or crinkled.  Overall, sticker labels can be divided into surface paper, glue and liner paper. 

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