3D Printing Rises

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"I decided to give up my dream of getting a doctorate when 3D printing technology saw a pickup in growth in the US and Europe. I thought it might be time to start my own business," said Jin Tao, recalling his decision to set off in pursuit of a 3D printing business in late 2008 rather than going for a PhD from the University of Hong Kong.

A year after receiving a master's degree in computer science from Zhejiang University in 2007, Jin went to the University of Hong Kong as a research assistant, hoping to continue his academic pursuits afterwards.

But once he learned of the emerging trend of 3D printing during his stay in Hong Kong over the course of 2008, he thought, "This is just what I've been looking for. What people usually use is 2D printing that makes paper stuff come into being such as barcode labels, hangtags and stickers. But 3D printing is so amazing that will make the impossible in the past come true!" Jin flew back to Hangzhou, Zhejiang and founded a company with some of his friends in 2009, foraying into an area that few people know about even today.

While most modern folks know about inkjet printing, laser printing and wireless printing that are able to print 2D stuff just like barcode labels, few people know what to imagine when they hear about 3D printing. First of all, it has nothing to do with paper but is a totally new product in hi-tech age. Bored with the choices for, say, mugs that you find in the store? Design your own cup on your computer and make a 3D print of a unique one via a computer-controlled printer.
Sound crazy? For years now, the 3D printing industry has been working on developing technology that rocks traditional ways that consumers think about manufacturing. The concept that things like hangtags, printing sticker or barcode labels are made by ink printing has been deeply rooted in their minds, thus, they couldn’t believe that it is possible to create 3D things by printing technology.

"Think of it as a China on your desktop," a Google executive said a few years ago, referring to the powerful manufacturing capacity of desktop 3D printers.

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