The protect of genuine leather goods

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Many young people love shopping belts. Some girls choose belts for decoration, while some boys choose them to hang their pants. Not sure have you keep an eye on the belt hangers which are used to hang belts at belt boutiques.
If you have paid attention to the high-end belts on belt hangers, you may know that they are commonly made by plastic which have flexibility. For the logo, they usually can be embossed or raised, silk screen and logo sticker. To avoid the belts from being scratched, touch sewage invasion, flooding, rain and so on , this is the first step for keeping the belts for a long time. We have to do some decontamination, cleaning and maintenance regularly of high-grade belts to keep the belts surface neat and clean, so as to maintain the belt lasting gloss; in addition to simple cleaning, you need to use professional care products to do some deeper nourishment protection;  it is necessary to follow the direction of the belt texture rub in the wiping process. If the belts have holes, cracks and other phenomena, must be sent to a professional leather maintenance shop; belt needs maintenance, belt buckle also need maintenance, you can wip them with a little toothpaste to play oxidation role, preventing them from rusting.
In our daily life, many people prefer to buy and collect various kinds of belts hanging on belt hangers. Most of them have a lot of belts, but not every one will be frequently used, some belts certain precautions in storage. In fact, for the luxury genuine leather belts and shoes, the belts’ surface must be clean, and it’s better to lubricate some oil on the belts if possible, cabinet used for storage must have ventilation function. Remember that do not use mothballs, and the belt should be put in cotton dust bag, this can protect them from being compressional deformation.

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