The classification of fabric label

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Recent years, some buyers try to understand how long to develop and get your products to the market. Due to garment is the necessities in our daily life, fabric labels also become an indispensable part during clothes making. Commonly, each garment factory needs to sew the fabric labels on clothes to emphasize their brand or other useful instruction for people.
Regarding fabric labels, it includes woven labels, printed labels, washing labels, care labels and so on. People call them according to the usage or production process. Imprinted labels also start with a piece of woven fabric, but rather than the design being printed on top of the fabric, it is dyed into the fabric using a special dye-sublimation process. These inks actually fuse to the fabric itself, creating a 100% permanent design that will not fade for the life of the label. What is more, the imprinting process allows for an unlimited amount of colors. Imprinted fabric labels can also be used when a thinner fabric or a more unassuming label presence is desired. While woven labels use micro-threads, which weave the design and white space together to create a fully formed label. Woven labels have great durability; therefore, they hold up to normal wear and washing, sometimes better than the garments they are attached to. They are by far for the highest quality type of fabric labels.
Moreover, namely printed label is printed on fabric such as cotton, nylon, nylon taffeta, satin…Printed labels start with a blank piece of white fabric and usual nylon. Then special inks are used to print the design and information on top of the label. The most common way printed fabric labels are utilized is to display vital information about the garment, such as sizing information and washing instructions. They can be manufactured in a short time for relative simple printing process. Alternatively, printed labels can be used when a design is too small or complicated to be woven with threads-but keep in mind they have an eight color limit.

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