Window sticker used for car

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Another window sticker labels are being added to a popular new car model and it has to make you wonder: Is it really valuable information or just so much clutter? 
This one tells potential customers how they tried to make the car in an ecological manner. But no matter what happened at the factory, the sticker labels that doesn't have a lot to do with whether the car will be fuel efficient and eco-friendly on the road. And it could be viewed as clutter compared to stickers already detailing the car's features and options, estimated gas mileage, where the vehicle was made and how much domestic content it might have. 
What, exactly, is GM trying to talk up? It wants everyone to know that when it comes to the Malibu: Its main transmission was made at a landfill-free, zero-waste factory in Toledo, Ohio plant. All waste from daily operations there is reused, recycled, or converted to energy.  The most popular engine for the Malibu was produced at GM's plant in New York, where a chamber of commerce recently recognized the plant for its sustainable business philosophy. Most of them were made at the Fairfax, Kans., Assembly plant, which won a 2012 Pollution Prevention Award and recognized by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for energy-reduction and recycling efforts. 
All that and more is in the window sticker labels, part of car calls a "Ecologic" campaign. GM thinks customers will actually care. "We've seen an increase in customers looking specifically for fuel efficiency, but many people are intrigued by reading their vehicle also is made in a responsible way," said Matt LaFontaine, general manager, LaFontaine Automotive Group in Dexter, Mich., in a statement. 
They cite research that shows 63% of Malibu customers cite "environmentally friendliness" as an "extremely" or "very important" reason for purchase. That number increases to 78% for Malibu Eco buyers.

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