The Red Warp Yarns Woven Labels

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  The Red Warp Yarns Woven LabelsRed warp yarns woven labels are similar with the ordinary woven marks, in fact, is only different colors. Usual our woven labels generally are white warp yarn or black warp yarn, red warp yarns woven labels very rare people use them. Orders also generally very few, so few manufacturers can produce it. In fact, the the red warp yarns and the white warp yarns, black warp yarns is the same yarn, without any other different in addition to the different colors.

Woven Labels are interwoven by warp and weft, warp is fixed on a plate of the machine, only take off the pan head can change the other colors of the warp, the pan head is very large and very expensive, yarn change is very inconvenient, and a pan head generally can only replace for several times, if taking more operation then a pan will be scarped. So, once a machine was fixed with a color of the warp, the operator  will not change the pan head. Orders for the warp marks have to at least enough of the other colors in a machine more than a month of operation, the manufacturers will consider doing changer head.

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