The Solutions to Solve the Problems in Printed Lables Printing Process

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The Solutions to  Solve the Problems in Printed Lables Printing Process
Our company is a professional producer of garment accessories, such as woven labels, printed labesl, metal labels, sticker labels, hangtags, etc. We offer all kinds of garment accessories with good quality and reasonable price. After years of development, we have a wealth of experience and technology accumulated in producing printed labels.

Take the following suggestions to solve the problem. 1. Increase the area of the label design appropriate, and the label shape shouldn’t be too complicated, reasonable arrangement. 2. reduce the temperature of Self-adhesive materials storage workshop and printing workshop appropriate in order to prevent a decline of adhesives viscosity in self-adhesive material surface paper. 3. Replace the use of a longer time, the blade blunt cutting blade, or adhesions between the die-blade sponge can also be re-produce too. Scientific management strictly in order to reduce the cost of printed labels, in addition to more efforts in each step of the process, actively pursuing standardization, digitization management also works.

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