The Higher Requirements of the Seal Tags

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The Higher Requirements of the Seal Tags
Seal tags is a symbol of the clothing brand, that is a undeniably and important factor, is the guarantee of sustainable development of enterprises. The investment in the identification will be the future selection of the buttons. People referred buttons as the "eyes" of the clothing. Experienced fashion designer in the design of a variety of clothing will attach great importance to the selection of clothing "eyes".

Seal tags have higher requirements of the manufacturing process of polishing and coloring, which is characterized by hard texture, good texture, resistant to ironing, available to use laser engraving process, it’s the first choice the domestic high-end clothing, but it’s high price, hygroscopic , the rainy season is easy to mold, seal tags is specifically injection molding for the process of the development and application of clothing, has a one-time-use features and strong brand appeal.

In the selection of seal tags, should consider clothing colors and stripes. The seal tags’ color should be close to clothing color, the light-colored clothing, optional with the color darker buttons;  a more complex shape seal tags and pure color clothes should choose a simple shape and high grade point seal tags.

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