Diversity Pvc Products

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Diversity Pvc Products

PVC labels, also known as plastic chapter. PVC products (micro injection) unique craft production using imported raw materials, scientific formula, made of non-toxic PVC plastic chapter material are popular in the world, using imported raw materials, scientific formula unique craft production, product quality has past the European Toy Safety standard EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3 (products sell well in European and American markets), the keychain part of the key ring can be used, different shapes and sizes and specifications can be made according to the customers requirements, can print the LOGO pattern of the enterprise and cartoon characters, price is reasonable, is ideal products for corporate promotional activities gifts.

Diversity, the effect of plastic chapter surface may be plane, 2D perspective, 3D stereoscopic; clear oilalso be added, made of transparent, translucent; adding phosphor, made luminous; add flavor, made scented; You can also put the compass, thermometer and other trinkets. Home decoration and the applicable occasions promotions for a variety of industries, this product has a strong sense of three-dimensional, colorful, feel good, good visuals, good decoration and advertising effect! 

Chapter plastic molding nice, small size; pattern diversity is also from the rich imagination made it various patterns, heart-shaped Christmas trees, butterflies, and various types of cartoons, a variety of small animal shapes, very realistic. very cute, nice, is a stylish decorations by the boys and girls love the soft, long life, does not irritate the skin and other points, in Europe and the United States and other countries is the most popular fashion jewelry, also a new human best choice, so make you cool flavor!

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