The Characteristics of Sticker Labels’ Material

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The Characteristics of Sticker Labels’ Material
Our company is a professional enterprise engaged in the sticker labels, with advantage locations, production equipment, perfect detection means, reliable product quality, warm and thoughtful service and good promises, has won customers a favorable reception. Here we will make a brief introduce about the characteristics of printing stock.

Coated paper: printing excellent reproducibility and low cost.

PVC material: waterproof performance is good, not tear.

Silver dragon elimination: texture thick, metallic appearance stapled oil stain resistance.

The prime aluminum foil: high temperature resistance, good ductility, can be used with the stamp or type seal.

Fluorescent paper: good color saturation, with luminous visual characteristics.

Easy shredding: glossy fragile and easy to tear, can be used as the imitation pseudo trademarks paper.

The synthetic PP material: waterproof, lightproof, and generally have coatings to make sticker printing ink adaptability.

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