A Sumarry About Making the Logo of Printed Lanyards

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A Sumarry About Making the Logo of Printed Lanyards
Ordinary used printed lanyards in addition to bear protection products and decorative products, a lot of extre time bear advertising effect. Making LOGO on lanyards and phones ropes is a very common thing, and this article makes a summary about the LOGO making way, hoping to be helpful to friends who are going to design printed lanyards .

1. Silk -screen printing, it is a economical and practical way of a production.

2.Thermal transfer printing, when in complex patterns can be more vivid, not fade and other characteristics. More and more liked by higher demanding customers.

3. Jacquard weave, jacquard LOGO is non-printing, the LOGO and webbing integrated tightly and not fade. Embroidery way is somewhat like jacquard weave way.

4. Press printing, generally used for the leather strap, PU strap and other products.

5. Laser printing, some lanyard using this method to making logo in metal buckle.
Mold printing, some larger amount plastic buckle printed lanyards, will make the logo directly when making molds.

There are many ways to make logo, in order to produce the best products, you need to find a proper way before starting.

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