The Development of Seal Tags

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The Development of Seal Tags
In early uses, seal tags was made to promote clothing brand, is also the most important uses of the basic purpose of seal tags. It is mainly played connection role between the clothing and clothing hangtags. So that them can virtually promote their  clothing to the public, it is a very effective method. A variety of well-known clothing brands are now hanging their own designed clothing hangtags, through their own clothing hangtags and seal tags will better reflect the taste in the design of the garment accessories and clothing brand highlights.

In early times, the structure of seal tags is very simple and rough, mainly are made of some cotton rope, twine, braided rope to form a ring, a single style, lack of aesthetics, it is difficult to highlight the clothing brand. In order to achieve the better effect of the publicity, the merchant make some transformation, later by stamping printed paper, but the shape is relatively simple, not enough beautiful, iron hook easily hook hurt the clothing.

Now hanging tablets after improved several times, now the material of seal tags are very diversity, using the injection molding process, multi-material are PS, ABS, rope nylon rope, polyester rope, cotton rope etc. After the facelift, the style of seal tags become more and also beautiful. Now seal tags is no longer just for the publicity of the clothing brand, it also serves as a symbol of fashion. Whether phones or backpack,  you can see the seal tags. The emergence of a wide variety of seal tags add more color to our daily life, especially the fashionable men and women!

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