Precautions in Sticker Labels Printing Process

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Precautions in Sticker Labels Printing Process
① Selection of stickers labels materials (such as a strong sticky acrylic adhesive), long paste.

② Printing stickers labels should consider temperature range: generally within 20 ~ 70 ℃.

③ Select sticker printing surface material.
Paper adhesive materials: coated paper, synthetic paper, thermal paper. The plastic film type adhesive materials: PET (polyester), PE (polyethylene), BOPP (biaxially stretched polypropylene film).

④ Stickers barcode printing.
Surface material should choose coated paper to print barcode. The surface material is synthetic paper print bar codes must select resin baseband.

⑤ Labels security printing technology.
1. Anti-counterfeit stickers printed material: the security substrates, security inks.
4.Anti-counterfeit version of the pattern design process,
3. Security printing technology,
4. Information stickers security printing.

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